Your Not So Basic Bachelorette Party

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Cruise In Style On Tampa Bay

Do you want to WOW your bridal party with an exclusive, private cruise? Tampa Bay Luxury Yacht Charters is the place to do it. A bachelorette party is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it should be celebrated as such. Bachelorette parties can be stressful to plan. To make sure everything is pulled off perfectly, people usually start to plan months in advance. Whoever you are arranging the party for, family, a friend, or yourself you want it to be something special. Forget about the crowded bar or nightclub and instead set a course on one of our luxurious power or catamaran yachts. Our yacht experiences are private and can be personalized for you and anything you could possibly want. The possibilities are endless. Below, you will find a few reasons why you should plan your bachelorette party on a yacht charter.

1. Before You Tie The Knot, Come Out On A Yacht

Don’t settle for the typical bachelorette party. Impress your guests with an exclusive cruise that provides astonishing views and a breathtaking sunset. Getting married is a big deal, why celebrate for just one night. You can plan a half day cruise or a full day cruise. For your half day celebration, you can cruise around the bay and view the Skyway from below. If you decide on a full day charter, there are more destinations available. Some of our most popular destinations include Beer Can Island, Egmont Key, or Little Harbor. If your girl gang is more into adventure, you can opt for a Symposium at Sea on one of our power yachts. This way you can hit all of our major destinations in one day. After your long day on the water we also can provide you a stay aboard option at The Renaissance Vinoy Marina to continue your party all night long.

2. A Cruise for All Budgets

“Sweet Caroline” is one of our more popular powerboats. She has plenty of seating and is very spacious for all of your guests. The bow of the boat is the best spot on the whole boat to sunbathe, watch the ocean, and hang out with your friends.
If you have the mentality of “Go Big, or Go Home” then “Sea You Later” is the boat for you. “Sea You Later” is the biggest boat in our fleet with a length of 101 feet. This boat has a tremendous amount of room. It even has a hot tub for ultimate relaxation.
Our newest boat in the fleet, “Cerebral Seabatical”, is a 47 ft sailing catamaran with unmatched levels of entertaining space that includes both indoor and outdoor areas. Sailing provides a more relaxing cruise with no additional noise from the engines. A sailing catamaran is one of the most pleasant cruises you could go on.

3. A Cruise Made Just For YOU

If you are interested in sunbathing or have games planned the bow of the boat is spacious and provides a great backdrop for everything you have planned. A Bluetooth speaker allows you to be your own DJ and bring life to the party. Let the Captain handle everything and enjoy ultimate relaxation aboard. You can also request a mate to serve you food or drinks and be at your assistance whenever needed for added relaxation.

4. Custom Catering

Here is a list of the catering options we recommend. You can provide your own beverages or get in contact with your captain and he/she can pick everything up for you. We are here to provide you with anything you need. Are you ready to let the good times to flow?

5. Take Your Theme To The Sea

Bachelorette parties are known to have a theme that determines the overall aesthetic or vibe of the party. Taking out a private yacht provides the perfect opportunity to take the visual effects to the next level. The open water allows for flawless photo opportunities. You can choose to have the interior of the boat decorated with items you pick to add to the vivacity. Our fleet consists of six catamaran yachts ranging from 40-47 feet, and 13 power yachts ranging from 36-101 feet. To start planning your personalized yacht charter experience, please contact Tampa Bay Luxury Yacht Charters.